Isnin, November 22, 2010

Bunny Hutch for Putih n Tembong

Putih n Tembong...

The Bunny Hutch with the curtain which will be roll down at night and a light for emergency usage....

20.11.2010 Putih and Tembong move to the new Bunny Hutch. It was construct by Papa for both of them since they are growing very fast. To Tembong and Putih hope they be a good neighbour and love each other soon... hahahaha

Weekend both of them were out from the hutch and have a wonderful walk around the garden with my 2 girls. Putih is now has grow tremendously. She is very long and healthy. She look so beautiful as a rabbit. She looks like a Rabbit Princess really beautiful, her furr was soft and clean since Hani will bath her every month and she have a beautiful pink eyes. Tembong also become healthier since few weeks now. He was so sick the 3rd weeks when we had him. After a visit to the Vetenery and had 2 injection, he slowly recover... Alhamdulillah... he now became active and fun to play with.

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