Isnin, April 27, 2009

IOI Family Day

26.04.2009 (Sunday) - IOI Family Day 2009 was held at IOI Resort, Putrajaya. The theme for this year is "Light UP The Unity" every staff was give a free T-shirt, a coupon for meal, games and ice-cream. The registration starts at 7.00am , a lots of activities has been arranged such as sizzling inter-divisional dance competition, exciting team building session, karaoke competition and fear factor challenge. There were also Lucky draw ticket too...! Actually we reach the Two IOI Squaqe at 8.00am sharp so.... we are not entitled to put in our ticket in the drawlots box.... Anyway we enjoy the games session.... Hani and Dania really enjoy the 'Colour Card' they spend most the time at the stall... food and the prizer of games was so and so... no coment! The main thing is to meet-up friends spouse and childrens are achieved!

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