Isnin, Mei 04, 2009

Bronze Maddle for Hani

The MSSD Teakwando tournement had over and Hani who was in the Middle Light section had won the Bronze!! Her performance was improved.... that is the coment from her coach (Mr. Ari). Anyway from the video that we viewed, she need to do more training and work on her speed or attack the oppornent! Actually she got the full support from Abang, Mama, Papa and Adik that evening..... The event ends around 9.00pm. It is actually a very stress day for us. Alhamdulillah beside the sparring experience and exposure she also got something to support her Kokurikulum activities. Well done Hani....! July 2009 there will be a Rakan Muda Selangor and MSSS we hope she will participate and win...!!

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