Jumaat, Disember 02, 2011

Cousins reunion

Kalau boleh setiap bulan kami merancang untuk ber reunion! every moment when we meet-up, there be something good things to share, an ideas to be forward and announce. What a wonderful and brelliant ladies..... hahahahaha.... The meeting on 28.11.2012 (Monday fall on a public holiday for Muharam) again is to discuss on the coming family event for the Eid of 2012, which we named is as 'Riang Ria Hari Raya Bersama Alam'. These time our meeting is at PakLi Kopitiam after zohor somewhere around 3.00pm. Ana and family, Suria, Safa, Ros, Nor, Malia and myself.... Mas cant make it seem, but it was okay for us. Next year family gathering for Massupi will be on the 1st week of Eid, 24-25th August 2012 (Friday-Saturday) @ Bakaugruv, Bagan Lalang, Morib. We planned to spend 2 days 1 night stay with food, lodgging, and activities provided by Bakaugruv..... a fees of RM80.00 for adults and RM55.00 for kids (7-12 yrs) its reasonable cost. And this time we suggested a T-shirt for paying members too.... its awesome :)

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