Sabtu, Disember 28, 2013

My Power Walk....

It almost months.... I stopped my walking activities, due of my busy schedule on weekends with the baking classes, the bad weather and my laziness..... :(  Until one fine day on my appointment day for my monthly check-up, my Doctor has notice that my weight has gain termandously, I am 64 kg, I've gained 6 kg! sob..sob...sob.....  its so easy to put on weights! but it takes months or years to loss it....! it really bad. I felt my body started to feel tired easily, my pants are tights! my hip getting bigger..... my of my...... I really cant make it become more worse right?  I have to start on something...... !! I am imagining of me getting fats like a Garfiel ! I can't wait any longer....  I put on my tracksuits and sports shoes.... I have to start walking and get back my 58 kg...... lets move on babe!

I started fasting on Monday to Friday and power walk on Saturday n Sunday 5 km a day for a start..... these must be done with discipline, I motivate myself of reduce all the fats and bad calories.   My vision n mission to loose the 6 kg must be reach no matter within a 1 or 2 or 3 months time...... For a good health a good look, slim and sleek.....hahahahaha  I want to  feel good and healthy...... :)

The book by Lucy Knight of Walking for weight loss really has motivate me to start my walking activity. After read the book I really motivated to start my walking as usual...... :) I do agreed with Lucy Knight that the easy, practical way to get in shape is by walking.  We don't have to spend much by walking.  The Chinese proverb says "Even the longest journey begins with a single step" is fantastic.  Do you know that by walking our Emotional and Physical are at a glance?  Believe it...  

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