Jumaat, Julai 24, 2009

Postponement of the Graduation Day (25 July 2009)

Shafiq with his Navy Uniform (TLDM)
As usual I called Shafiq at home this morning, coz I didn' get to see him this morning, rushing for Dania to school and it was raining too. So to be on time, I just leave him alone just knocked his door to remind him on the Suboh prayer and told him that Iam leaving. He informed about the postponement of the Graduation Day tomorrow. He got the news from Umarul, his school friend who surppose to go with him today. So to confirm about the news I did call the KUSSES (Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuala Selangor) office and ask them on the status. They confirmed that it was postponed due to the H1N1 disease and the new date for the Graduation Day will be inform later to all the students by writing from the school (KUSSES).

Actually I already apply a leave to attend the Graduation tomorrow. And Shafiq seem to pack all the necessary last night coz tonight he will spend a night with his friends at the school, and they had plan after the rehearsal tonight. He also plan to pun in his Navy Uniform (TLDM) for his graduation, he wanted to promote his University to his friends and his junior at KUSSES. So it seem his intention is not reach due to the HINI. Anyway I intent to cancel my leave tomorrow but Shafiq ask me if we could go out for shopping with them (Papa and adik2). Was thinking that my pay is not out yet, but he said he wanted to get something for us..... ok la... since I know he got his first pay from UPNM I agreed. I did told him that the pay is for him to spend for his education and and for him to keep for future used, he knows that he said but anyway I appreciate his intention towards the family..... So touched my son have his heart to spend his first salary with us (his family).....oh dear.... So tomorrow I will go out with them but no idea where he want to go for his shopping.... tunggu la besok kemana dia nak pegi? I was thinking to get a nice necktie for him... well, tengok la nanti.....

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