Jumaat, November 06, 2009

Service Ownership Seminar

Staffs from Klang site office

The team members of group 09

06.11.2009 - 07.11.2009 (Friday - Saturday) venue is Perdana Ballroom, Palm Garden Hotel, Putra Jaya. There is about 90 staffs was selected for the 2nd session which was call as the Group B. We are required to register at 8.30am and the class will adjourn around 5.00pm. Our trainer was Mr. Albert Kho and Ms. Lucy from Omni Touch International. Both of them was good especially Albert, his presentation was excellentey........ I was happy while reading the memo regarding the seminar. I like to go for training, there is a lot of new things that we could learn from the sessions. Wondering why is there are people do not like to attend for training or seminar? Its motivate me and I could really improve my performance with the new skills...... its really great when I could implement what I had gain during the training. Change mindset is very important, if we didn't change our mindset, there is no point of a training, procedure, insentive or goal setting all these cant be echieve, we loose as company also wasting the money to conduct such a good program for such people.

Day 1 was great..... I was in table 10 with my Klang college (Kavitha, Liza, Yati, Joyce and Chia) we corporate well in the session and we win a pack of chocolate for being the 2nd highest scorer during the activity. But on the Day 2, there is a reshuffle arrangement and we have to be seperated from the group. Here we goes counting no 1 to 13 and I got a no 10! so I have to move to the Table 10 means go to Group 10. It is interesting meeting a new team members from the different department and site office. My new team members is Tony from IOI Mall, Cheng from IOI Mart, Mahmud from Sutramas Puchong, Zuraidah the Management Trainee and one more chinese guy from HQ (sorry i forgot his name). Since 5 of us are the leader form day 1, Mahmud was selected to be a group leader for us since he sat on the right hand side of our trainer (Lucy) that is the requirement by our trainer. Activities, role play, case study and mystery shopping was going very well and our participation is fine. Our group got the 2nd prizes for the puzzle activity !! we wont a pack of chocolate again.... it fun and exciting too.... anyway the session was successful and the topic relevant to our work and will implement it to upgrade my customer service for sure....

As usual during the training there is a good food served for all the participants. Food was nice they really enjoyed the food during breakfast and teabrek. But for me it is just so so...... lunch is a buffet at the Palm Cafe a lot of variety from cold cuts, western, Japanese and local food, desserts was marvellous and yummy.... I enjoyed the cheese cakes and apple pie. There is a promotion of Hitea of RM78.00 per pax at Palm Garden Hotel. For those who interested to had a good Hitea with family they can booked their table there and enjoy the makan.....

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