Khamis, Februari 11, 2010

Hard contact lance and scalling

An article about Dr. Jenny @ her clinic

A very nice Doctor

Seperti biasa setiap 6 bulan Hani need to go for her eyes check-up, but it seem like 2009 we have skip her eyes check-up with Dr. Jenny, Ophir Eye clinic & Surgery. So as usual she will only complaint after she found the the vision goes blur, she surppose to do the check-up every 6 month as advised by Doctor. Anyway sometimes we overlook at it. Dr. Jenny was a nice lady doctor and Hani eyes has been checked by Dr. Jenny since she was 6 years old. I call up for appointment, on 30th January 2010 (saturday) @10.00am Doctor is free. Routine exemination for her eyes, Doctor did a Topographic and after look at the file she advise Hani to used a Hard Contact Lance when she found out that the power had increased and on certain factors. Hani refused to used a contac lance due to her own reason and said she prefer to used a spectacles. Anyway Doctor ask her to think it over and gave her up to April to decide and again meet her on that particular month. My opinion is, my girl is scared and not aware of a contact lance and she immediately refused on the doctor recommandation. Hani was given the prescription for her spectacles and the instructions is a plastic lences. I just let her be, ask her to think it over before we proceed to a optician.
It was a surprised one fine day when she said that she agreed to put on the contact lence, Alhamdulillah.... before we go to the optician she decided that. I have to fix a new appointment with Dr. Jenny for the contact lances. Doctor gave a new appointment on Tuesday @3.00pm but it was postponed the next day and time due to her own reason. Finally she went for all the procedure of the contact lance, the nurse showed her how to put in and take off the lances, and she ask a few questions about the lances to Dr. Jenny. It will take 2 weeks for the lances to be ready due to a long holiday of the Chinese New Year. After settle the bill of RM350.00 we leave Ophir Eye Clinic and lead to the Dentis.
It a wonder why Hani had a yellowish tooth problem.... she been taking all type of toothpaste to solve the problem but it seem dosent work include the traditional Indian powder toothpaste. I decide to take her to Dr. Yusri for a scalling. After almost 30 min with the dentist the tooth problem finally solved and she was remind not to drink a coffee or tea and stop using normal toothpaste, she can only used a special toothpaste by the dentist as provided. The toothpaste itself cost me RM35.00 it was as medium size tube name GC tooth Mousse and dentist total charges was RM85.00 not bad hah? anyway it is for my girl.....ok la... since she is now become a young lady why not? I just want her to have herself confidance, that all. She thank me when we are in the car and I guess today is her happy day!!!

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