Khamis, Februari 18, 2010

Try to think of this...

When someone is angry they just want to be alone….
When someone alone they keep wondering to have someone
When someone is bored they look for entertainment…
When someone is upset they are un happy and distress
When someone is crazy their looking for something…
When someone can’t find something they are hopeless…..
When someone disappointed they feel hurt…..
When someone get hurt they used to cry alone ….
When someone crying ….they just want the tears fade the pain
When someone being ignore they feel they are dumped
When someone is failed they looses their hope….
When someone discriminated they feel so unfairly judge
When someone betrayed by someone their looking for their chance to do same….
When someone loose the faith they hate to trust again
Have you ever felt this? This is normal….if you feel those things in life your great….

Coz your perfectly created by God…..get hurt, get angry, get disappointed, get upset. Sometimes hopeless, sometimes crazy, sometimes loosing faith. Sometimes keep asking why? Never have a doubt everything in this world is planned and whatever come in your way every single minute of your life. Your lucky being what you are………. a human… the most perfectly created by God…One day you’ll be amaze those things is just a way to life. And get back your smile again and you’ll feel better…. (Share this with our friends coz is was from friend too)

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