Khamis, Mac 26, 2009

Shafiq ke PLKN - Geo Kosmo Kuala Kubu

Muhammad Azaharudin Shafiq my eldest son was called for PLKN or known as Program Latihan Khidmat Negara on 27.12.2008 for the 1st session 6/2009. He was located at Geo Kosmo Kuala Kubu, Selangor which is about 2 hrs driving from home. Every 2 weeks we will visit him and had our lunch together. Actually this is more like a routine for us since he left the bording school (Sekolah Menengah Sains Kuala Selangor) now we have to lead to Kuala Kubu to spend our time with him... As a Wira (Hero) with PLKN he was in Company Alfa, I know even he felt quite boring but he didn't complaint many.... we really respect him, his commitment that we really pround off. He is actually good in marching or in Bahasa Malaysia called 'Kawat' and his company won a 1st prize in marching during the closing ceremony at the Camp which is a record for company Alfa since beginning. He also participate in Debate! but as a 'pembangkang' with the topic 'Kecergasan Fizikal & Mental yang Maksimum Menjamin Kedaulatan Negara' their group won the 1st place.....! What he and the others wira regreted was the Camp management cancel the water activities and shooting, by right they really looking forward to this events... we understand as a big boy there are really looking forward to participate in this events, on 11.3.2009 the mission completed and finally he has made it until the end... bravo!!

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