Jumaat, September 11, 2009

My CVD check-up

My last CVD (Cardio Vascular Diagnose) check-up was on the 5.8.2008, so the next check-up surppose to be on 6.2.2009 (Friday). But I already missed it, until last week my cousin, Nor who had her visit to the Pusat Kesihatan told me that the nurse incharge was asking about me and wonder that she didn't see me for quite sometimes........ Subhanallah!! how could this nurse Sarathambal (the very nice nurse) and I used to see her every time I took my parents for check-up can remember that I skip my CVD? she is really superb........

Finally I fixed today (11.09.2009) to do the my check-up.

My result is not very good coz it shows that my

BP : 130/100 consider high

BMI : 21.4

F/RBS: 5.8

Ht : 1.6

Wt : 55kg

I had reduce 10kg compare to last year which my weight was 65kg Iam surprised too!!!, I really make it...... alhamdullilah........ Sara asked me to weight twice to make sure on the weight!! she was shock and said that I had reduce so much..... well fasting sure la kan? Actually I've been practice my fasting since June. I fast everyday except saturday and sunday and during my menstrual. Fantastic.... right? But because of the BP I have to go again to this Pusat Kesihatan on 2.10.2009 and to monitor my BP on 2.10.2009, 06.10.2009 and 09.10.2009 what a hastle..... but it is for my good, so I cant complaint....... anyway there is the good and bad....

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